The Spikenard

This is a solo horn piece which I have played on several continents. It is about 4 minutes long. It has also been played a lot on tuba.

Price: $10
Tuba score coming soon.

Moving Up
This is another solo piece. I wrote it for my son's graduation from nursery school (I know, I know...). It is a little march, and is about 2 minutes long.

Price: $5

Zen Monkey

This is a brass quintet, written for Meridian Arts Ensemble. It is recorded on our CD Anxiety of Influence (you can hear a sound clip if you follow this link). It is just under 8 minutes long.

Price for score and parts: $20

Brass quintet and percussion. This one was also written for Meridian, and we played it about a billion times but still haven't recorded it. Click here if you want to read the story behind the writing of this piece.

coming SOON

Blue Ridge Courtship
Duet for horn and cello. Everybody loves the sound of horn and cello together, but there are surprisingly few pieces actually written for this combination. I wrote this as a wedding present for my uncle, who lives in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Price for 2 scores: $10